Knitted wool hat
Please enjoy these handcrafts made from our Angora goat fiber
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My design handspun on a drop spindle, after shearing,         cleaning, carding the fleece from my goats.
Hat I knitted from a pattern
Sweater I designed, knitted, from fleece I sheared, cleaned, carded, spun & plied
my design SOLD
Angora Goat is their name their Mohair fiber is my Game

    Klickitat County Fair 
 Goldendale, Washington
Stevenson Goat Show 2009 booth
Stevenson Goat Show April 2009
   vender booth
County Fair 2008 handspun,crocheted my mini goat design
      County Fair 2008
  handspun, crocheted
      my mini angora                 goat design   
my mini angora design & fair ribbons
my mini angora goat design 
My design 3 dimensional needle felted bunny with embroidered 3 dimentional ribbon on stuffed felt egg felt clothes all mounted on a rattan plate holder with a wall hanger on the back so it can be hung like a picture at easter.  Sold
3 dimensional needle felted bunny rabbit picture I designed
Sweater I spun on a drop spindle, designed &, knitted with top of show ribbons from County fair
See what a simple knitting class can do to and for you!   Custom-designed knitted, crocheted, needle felted handcrafts, and the ribbons it is possible to win at your local County Fair.
To make these items I first acquired some Angora goats, fenced off areas we didn't want them to wander, like the garden & flower beds and built barns.   Then there is feeding, shearing, and hoof trimming.  After shearing comes the cleaning of the fleece by handpicking out the weeds, branches etc., washing the fiber by hand.  After it is washed you card it by hand or use a drum carder (handcranked or motorized), then you can needle felt with it or spin it into yarn by drop spindle, or a spinning wheel.                                                                                                                                  Finally I could use it!
Consider all the work that goes into it when you view my for sale page and think about the LOW PRICES on my creations.  If you make a purchase you are getting a one of a kind, custom-design, a lot of thought,  physical labor & time for the money.
Showing Bounce 5 month old buckling

Fawn best of show
Fawn best of show 
Fawn and halter I made
Fawn & halter I made
       Family Fun Festival 
             October 2010
        The Dalles, Oregon 
My vender table at the Family Fun Festival
My vender table at the          Family Fun Festival.
 Two goats were in  the      pen in the background
     Two lovely little girls who wanted to help demonstrate how to clean      the fleece from the goats.  "I'ts just like washing our hair but it's off                                                           our head"
Display of items made with Mohair
Hubbie pointing to items I have made & modeling prize winning sweater I designed & made for him
My design 
     Hubbie modeling his sweater pointing at custom designs I made.
Showing Bounce 5 month
              old buckling
2010  County fair stalls
County Fair Stalls and banner
Display of what can be done with Mohair that was behind the cleaning, & carding booth.
       These are the only pictures I have of my 2009  events.
My camera with all the pictures was stolen.   I entered 65 items in our County                   Fair.  Winning a first place or  rosette for each, some got both. 
                                                         Earning me $119.80.
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Local 4H kids showing my 9 kids from this spring
Local 4H kids showing my 9 kids from this                               spring
Judge awarding me Grand Champion rosette for Rosie
   Judge awarding me Grand Champion                     Rosette for Rosie 
Showing Lucy Mother of a black doeling
    Showing Lucy Mother of one          of my black baby does
    Klickitat County Fair,
Goldendale, Washington
Gift from Judge
Demonstrating how to spin fleece from my goats, after cleaning & carding.
Another little girl showing how to clean fleece
                   2008 County Fair 
   my drop spindle handspun, knitted,          drop shoulder sweater design.
2008 County Fair drop spindle handspun, knitted, drop shoulder, sweater design
A lovely little girl showing how to clean fleece
2008 Goat Fest Best of show, Best of Breed
                     2008 Goat Fest 
            best of breed best of show
Becka showing  baby
Becka showing baby Angora
Water color from Judge
2008 Goat Fest
Goldendale, WA
Showing junior doe at Klickitat County Fair
Showing junior doe,             Fawn,  at the
Klickitat County Fair
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Students shearing Lucy
Student of Goat AcademMe teachingy shearing Lucy
Student of Goat Academy learning to shear                                   Angoras
Me teaching shearing at the Goat Academy
May 14, 2011 Goat Academy 
           Centerville, WA