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 This adult dickey is a 30/50 mix of white              mohair & maroon acrylic which I spun together. The fluff is pale pink eyelash knitted on last few rows of the dickey edge. Hand wash in warm water with shampoo or  mild soap, squeeze and air dry.  
                      $10.00 Plus shipping.
Knitted aqua dickey
Maroon knitted hat & dickey set
These bunny pins are crocheted mohair with cotton tails , are beige colored with red bead   eyes,pink bead noses & a small pin on the                   back for wearing on clothing
       Small $1.00 large $2.00 plus shipping
All shipping is priority mail   unless otherwise stated.  
           Shipped Mon.- Friday only
          After payment is confirmed.
 I hope you enjoy these crafts I made as much as I enjoyed making them
The bodies of these  bunnies are made of wash clothes & surround empty plastic eggs, their tails are needle felted fleece.  your choice of                pale pink or beige bodies.  
              $ 4.00 each plus shipping 
These needle felted bunnies have bead eyes & nose, are three dimensional with a felt egg between them that has embroidered flowers on it.
         $10.00 Plus shipping
This 3 dimensional picture has an embroidered basket with felt eggs that are stuffed and a needle            felted chick in a felt half egg.
         $10.00 plus shipping
Picture of Boy & Girl needle felted rabbits with decorated easter egg
needle felted rabbit picture
3 dimensional embroidered Easter Lilies, & an embroidered cross mounted on an rattan plate holder
         $8.00 Plus shipping
My designed, three dimensional needle felted mohair bunny with bead eyes, & nose, a balsa wood painted carrot, felt eggs, Spanish moss and a bright yellow cloth background all mounted on a rattan plate holder with wall hanger on the back. $10.00 plus shipping.
Wash cloth Easter bunnies with plastic eggs
front & back view of wash cloth bunnies
side view of wash cloth bunnies
Crocheted mohair bunny pins with cotton tails & bead eyes & noses
embroidered Cross with 3 dimensional easter lillys picture
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Holiday Decorations

My needle felted little stinker has a bead eye and a real bird egg at his mouth, walking on Spanish moss mounted on a rattan plate holder.
            $10.00 Plus shipping
White knitted dickey
 Knitted aqua dickey fits child to adult 50/50 mix of white mohair & acrylic fingering yarn                      which I spun together. 
Hand wash in warm water with mild soap or                 shampoo, squeeze & air dry. 
                  $15.00 plus shipping
needle felted chipmunk with real acorns
This needle felted chipmunk has a real acorn in his hands with real oak leaves on a branch mounted on a pale green rattan plate holder.
         $10.00 Plus shipping
front view of knitted hat & dickey set
This adult sized white dickey  is knitted with blue face Leister wool (a very soft fluffy wool). Wash in warm water with mild soap or                          shampoo, squeeze & air dry.             
                 $15.00 plus shipping.
I cord knitted blue,Pink & white bracelet & necklace set with clear, pink,& blue beads knitted in it.
Knitted I Cord necklace & bracelet set is stretchable, will fit child to adult both have screw clasp closure.  It has clear, pink and blue beads knitted in the I Cord strands . Made of a cotton nylon thread. The I Cord knitting is what makes it stretchable.
                   Another of my designs. 
                       $10.00 Plus shipping              
3 dimensional pict. of baby chick in egg shell with basket of eggs
I will not ship animals
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back view of knitted hat & dickey set
This page features Angora goat fleece (Mohair) custom-designed handcrafts made by       me.  I am trying to pay for my animal upkeep not get rich, that is why you see such           LOW Priced mohair, one of a kind creations all made in smoke free, pet loving home .                                                   You may also purchase raw fleece.
We see these critters on our property all the time so I got the idea of needle felting  some of them for other people to enjoy, without the critter being a pest  to you !

One day when we left our house we looked up at our roof and  saw a whole family of raccoons !  They  were packing off our dog food.  We since have removed the ladder they climbed and quit using an automatic dog feeder.

I have plans of doing a raccoon in needle felt when I am done with the construction of this site so keep looking for new                                         additions to this page.
Angoras need to be sheared twice a year each shearing produces approximately 8-10 lbs of fleece.  They need their hooves trimmed at the same                                                    time as shearing.
They are herd animals and don't like to be alone, they will get accustomed to other animals like donkeys, lamas, alpacas and other goats but they do need                                                              company.
                    They make good pets, brush cleaners &, fertilizers. 
After shearing their fleece you need to clean and card, by hand or drum carder. Then you can dye, (it with natural dyes or chemical dyes) and spin it into yarn or use it just carded for needle felting.  

I learned this form of knitting at my neighbors knitting group.
All of these were made from patterns but         the mohair is from my angora goats.
I like to decorate our home for each holiday so I         started making decorations for each room.
needle felted skunk picture
head picture of Zoro angora buck for sale
Needle felted free standing snowman with stone eyes, mohair broom, bead nose, plastic holly mounted on a canning jar lid.
another view of the crocheted santa boot
Crocheted Santa boot topped with mohair ruffle capable of holding a Christmas cactus plant or flowers
This free standing snowman stands 7 3/4" tall is needle felted wool with acrylic felted scarf, mohair felted broom, orange bead nose, stone eyes, crocheted hat band,  plastic holly leaves and berries.  He is   mounted on a canning jar lid
These crocheted boots have crocheted shoe strings, are topped with a mohair ruffle, are 5 1/2" tall 5" long and 2" wide.  They are capable of holding water to the top of the toes, for holding a Christmas cactus plant or flowers. 
             $10.00 each plus shipping
Mohair snowman needle felted onto a clip on tie bead eyes and buttons with yellow broom
close view of mohair snowman needle felted onto a clipon tie
This three dimensional snowman is needle felted onto a clip-on tie he has bead eyes and buttons & is holding his               needle felted yellow broom. 
           $18.00 plus shipping
Needle felted Santa picture in shadow box frame with velvet bag of toys
This picture is needle felted wool and mohair mounted in a shadow box frame.  The toy bag is velvet filled with miniature toys and packages, tied with a gold crocheted bow.  Cloth holly on his hat, the      frame is bordered with green ribbon                       and gold colored chain.
                 $22.00 plus shipping
full lenght regular tie with santas face needle felted in mohair onto it.
  This is a regular       full length tie with      Santa's face needle   felted in mohair onto it.  All is mohair except          the tie itself.
    plus shipping

Crocheted Santa face ornament with mohair beard and embroidered eyebrows
Crocheted Santa face with mohair beard embroidered eyebrows tree or package ornament has tree hanger             included on it. 
   $2.00 each plus shipping
Regular length tie with a three         dimensional Christmas tree needle felted mohair onto it.  The     tree is embellished with tiny           plastic bulbs, silver thread garland and metal star as a tree                            topper.
         $15.00 plus shipping
larger view of felt snowman ornament with red neck scarf and matching hat band, embroidered eyes, mouth & buttons.  An orange wood nose that sticks out like a carrot
Snowman ornament with bright blue crocheted neck scarf, matching hat band and embroidered eyes and mouth.  An orange wood nose that sticks out like a carrot.
Three snowmen ornaments each with a different colored neck scarf & matching hat band, embroidered eyes mouth and buttons.  Orange wood noses that stick out like a carrot
These snowmen may be used as package or tree ornaments they are heavy felt with embroidered eyes, mouth and buttons.  Their noses are orange wood that stands out like a carrot, and each has a crocheted scarf around his neck.  They can be made with any color scarf and hat band you like but allow one week more for custom colors.  The colors in stock are  Christmas green,  red, and two shades of blue shown here.
                              $3.25 each plus shipping
Back view of snowmen ornaments

Sold thank U :) Sandy
Hat is Sold Dickey still available
Zoro is SOLD thank U          Judy Wilson :)
Sold Thank U :) Janet
picture of Antoinette 4 year old doe
Antoinette is a loving 4 year old doe with color genes and when mated to our black buck has produced white, red, and black kids.  She has very fine dense fleece, and will follow you anywhere.   $225.00
Head picture of Antoinette 4 year old doe
Moco a yearling in full fleece
Moco 2 year old doe in full fleece
Nosey, a yearling in full fleece
Nosey 2 year old doe in full fleece
       fine  fleece, color genes
Zoro is the most tame Angora buck anyone would want he is a LOVER !  He has color genes but only shows it in his flap.  Has very dense fleece and it is uniform.  He will be a good pet or show Buck. $250.00 & U pick up  He has given Judy's herd 2 sets of twins already!
full body picture of Zoro my angora buck for sale
Zoro 2 years
                                                                               PRICE LIST

PER POUND PRICE, straight off the goat minus the urine stained fleece.
KID $24.00  YEARLING $18.00  2 YEAR OLD $12.00  ADULT $6.00  BUCK $3.00 (POSSIBLE ODOR)

NATURAL OR DYED COLOR:  KID $29.00  YEARLING $23.00   2YEAR OLD $17.00  ADULT $6.00
                                                                                                       BUCK $8.00

                                                                        ADD PER POUND SERVICES:
                                                                        SKIRTED (Big weeds picked out) $10.00 per lb.
                                                                        WASHED $10.00 per lb.
                                                                        CARDED $10.00 per lb
1 oz of Natural or Dyed color, Skirted, Washed & Carded:
Kid $3.69 per oz 1 oz.                                                                      1 OZ. of White Skirted, Washed & Carded:
Yearling $3.31 per oz                                                                       Kid $3.38 per oz
2Year old $2.94 per oz                                                                     Yearling $3.00 per oz
Adult $2.56 per oz                                                                             2 Year Old $2.63 per oz
Buck $2.38 per oz                                                                             Adult $2.25 per oz
                                                                                                               Buck $2.06 per oz

1 oz. Natural Color Skirted & Washed Only:
Kid $3.06 per oz                                                                                1oz. Of White Skirted & Washed Only: 
Yearling $2.69 per oz                                                                       Kid $2.75 per oz
2 Year Old $2.31 per oz                                                                   Yearling $2.38 per oz
Adult $1.94 per oz                                                                            2 Year old $2.00 per oz
Buck $1.75 per oz                                                                            Adult $1.63 per oz
                                                                                                              Buck $1.44 per oz  

1 oz. Natural Color Skirted Only:
Kid $2.44 per oz                                                                                1 oz. of White Skirted only:
Yearling $2.06 per oz                                                                       Kid $2.13 per oz
2 Year Old $1.69 per oz                                                                   Yearling $1.75 per oz
Adult $1.31 per oz                                                                             2 Year Old $1.38 per oz
Buck $1.12 per oz                                                                             Adult $1.00 per oz
                                                                                                               Buck $ .81 per oz. 

hematite ready to shear
Hematite ready 4 shear
Hematite a black 2yr old doe with her red son (who is fading to an apricot color), has extreamly fine fleece.
Tippy her son isn't for sale pictured to show what large kids she has.  $275.00
This shows her udder size she could make a good milker