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The Spring of 2008 I had my first 12 kids two were black bucks, one white buck with  
silver points (face, ears, and tail).  All the rest were white carrying the color genes of their Father.  
This meant that all the does could have color babies if breed to a colored buck.
I started with seven white does in the fall of 2007.  Each doe was breed to a black buck
 named Ranger who is registered with the Colored Angora Goat Beeeders Association.
The  Fall of 2008 I obtained a white buck with color genes and sold four of the original does, one was killed by neighborhood dogs.  I breed the new buck to my remaining 2008 does, so the Spring of 2009 I had three new kids, one buck and two does.
In the Fall of 2009 I used my black buck to breed my 
does, that gave us these babies in the Spring of 2010 
Mom Noodles & son Bounce
Mom Noodles & son
Jasmine with her two boys Yarrow & Cisco Kid
Only Bucks this year
            Jasmine with her boys 
              Yarrow & Cisco Kid
Fawn, Krem, & Amber ready to show at the Klickitat County Fair
Bandit buck
Brothers Inky & Zoro
2011 Spring brought us eight new kids, two black, one red, another with red points, six are white with color genes.  One of my goals was to breed for color.  Mission accomplished for two years now I have produced color and curl
Elderberry & Lucy with their black babies Hematite and Ebony
Amelia with her doeling Lil Red & son Socks who has red points
4H kids showing my fiber kids at the Klickitat County Fair August 2011
Mom Elderberry & baby
Mom Lucy & baby Ebony
Amelia & her two
Lil Red & Socks
4 H kids showing 
my fiber kids at the 
Klickitat County Fair 
August of 2011
Brothers Inky and Zoro
Buckling Bandit
Fawn, Krem, & Amber ready for showing 
                              at the
                  Klickitat County Fair