We are located in Myrtle Point, Oregon a very rural community                          near Coos Bay Oregon in clean fresh ocean air. 
                          Mailing address is:  98924 Laird Lane
                                Myrtle Point, Oregon 97458
                  Our email address is:  jbangoras@gorge.net
                             Phone: 541-572-2696 
     If we don't answer please leave a message we WILL call back

About Us

Welcome to our farm enjoy our pictures
Our girls (does) free range on 60 acres.  The boys are in pens to prevent unwanted mating.  At this time we have 8 girls, 1 wether, & 8 bucks 1 of which  is for sale.  
The girls coming in for the night.     We pen our animals at night                  because of coyotes
Our girl angoras coming in for the night
 Our girls (does) us debark a fence post
Girls helping us debark fence post
Girls helping themselves to treats in our trunk
 The girls helping themselves
Thunder our brown Alpaca boy
Thunder runs with the girls
Curly ->>>
Jaws has tan jaws & is always            chewing on us. 
Our Great Pyrenees lab cross pups
 Our pups Great Pyrenees Lab cross
Moe has long hair on 4" of his neck (Mohawk style) ->>>
Coo her coloring looks like a racoon
 Thunder & Ernie our male alpacas eating in the night pen
Ernie & Thunder eating in  the night pen
Zoro is a white angora with color genes & is 4 sale
Zoro is white with color genes and is sold 
Bandit is a white angora with color genes & is 4 sale
Bandit is white with color genes & is for sale he has very spotted nose, ears and very black flap.
Points our silver buck
Pepperjack one of our black bucks
Pepperjack one of our black bucks
Meet four of our bucks
Points is our silver buck 
Our Goat Guards
 The Girls Antics
The "And More" part of our farm name comes from the other animals we have and the items we make from the fleece of our angoras, alpacas, and all the inventions my husband has that are related to our animals and farm.                                       
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They are such curious animals they investigate everything.
We have five bucks, 2 white with color genes, 2 black and one silver points, all are two years old.  We also have three six month old bucks one is brown and two are white with color genes.   

They all have exceptionally good uniform dense fleece, with good coverage from hoof to head.  

We are trying to get some reds and browns from these bucks and a pure silver.  I wouldn't mind a black doe or two either.  
We acquired the two alpacas in 2009.  They sure are fun to watch, when they run they look like short camels without humps.  They keep real good watch over the angoras and keep the dogs in line.  When an alpaca raises it's head and looks around the angoras pay close attention.

Angora Goat is the name their Mohair is my game